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detroit lions draft

This blogger brings us some reviews of the lions draft:

A — Rick Gosselin, Dallas Morning News: The Lions wanted to make this a defensive draft and selected three potential starters in the first three rounds. But their offense, the NFL’s worst last season, may benefit even more from the arrival of OT Gosder Cherilus and RB Kevin Smith.

B+ — Pete Prisco, They took Cherlius in the first round instead of Jeff Otah ... but give credit to Matt Millen. He added a lot of good football players.

C+ Mel Kiper Jr., ESPN :Smith will be the Lions’ starting running back in Week 1. ... FB Jerome Felton is more effective as a runner than a blocker, but he’s a good value pick in the fifth round. ... DT Andre Fluellen flashed big-time ability early in his career at Florida State but never lived up to it.

C- Larry Weisman, USA Today : Need at RT seems to have dictated the choice of Cherilus. Bit of a reach but plays with the sort of ferocity this team can use. LB Jordon Dizon is undersized but fits the Tampa Two scheme. RB Smith probably is not the answer.

D Charles Robinson, Yahoo! Sports : Other than Cherilus, it’s hard to see a lot of room to grow in this class.

Jim Saccomano, of the Dever Broncos has an interesting philosophy about the draft:

It can be very fashionable to make an absolute determination-as if there are any absolutes-that a given year’s National Football League draft is a good or bad draft, as if there is any choice in the matter.

Every year you play a schedule, and you have a team composed of players. So every year, every team needs players.

Each season as well, there is a new crop of aspiring young players waiting to be drafted.

It is a given that some will succeed and others will fail, but some will always succeed.

If a draft is bad, but a certain team gets a great player, was it a bad one for that team?

To read some of the examples he gives - go here

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